Genarel Sales Terms and Conditions

1. Prices And Transport

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are expressed in US DOLLAR and accessory charges are excluded. Possible price updates will be indicated in the offer or at the time of the order confirmation. Unless otherwise stated, the transport is ex-works, according to the Incoterms, standard and packaging is included. The goods are under the only responsibility and risk of the Buyer and in case of any complaint, it must be addressed to the forwarder agent charged to deliver the goods. If the transport is organized by Sismak Diesel or a different currency from US DOLLAR is used, this information will be indicated in your confirmation and in your invoice.

2. Payment

Payment terms are established with the Buyer at the time of the order confirmation. Payments cannot be suspended even in case of claims. The goods remain property of Sismak Diesel until they have been paid for their entire value. Payment terms are indicated in the order confirmation and in the invoice.

3. Delivery

Sismak Diesel does not take charge of the delivery date, which is only approximate. In case of a delivery delay of more than 90 days, the Buyer can cancel the order. No refund or compensation will be paid by the Seller in case of cancellation of the order or impossibility of delivery due to circumstances which are not under control of the Seller’s will.

4. References To Codes

Although SDS® spare parts are not original, they are interchangeable with the original ones. Reference numbers of the original manufacturer are only indicative.

5. Warranty And Claims

In case of claims, they must be sent to the Seller by written notice. Goods may be returned only after our authorization. Replacements or refunds will be defined only after our technical check. The warranty is valid for one year from the date of delivery indicated on each piece, month and year.

6. Jurisdiction

For any dispute between Seller and Buyer, it is expressly decided the use of the exclusive jurisdiction of Brescia, Italy. In case of sales to foreign citizens or foreign residents, the parties expressly agree that it will be the Turkish law the one that regulates their business relationships and the Turkish jurisdiction is the reference in case of controversy.

7. Copyright

All rights are reserved. Trademark reproduction (even partial) is forbidden. Its transmission in any form without the permission of Sismak Diesel is also forbidden. The SDS® logo is a registered trademark, property of Sismak Diesel. This version replaces all previous versions.
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