What is Piezo Injector ?

What is Piezo Injector ? The main task of the piezo injector is to spray the fuel into the combustion chamber with the right amount at the right time. In addition, with the signal coming from the ECU, spraying must start and end quickly.

In this injector system, the movement of the injector needle is generally controlled by the piezo valve. This system works 4 times faster than the solenoid valve. So the opening and closing speed of the needle is 4 times faster. This system works 4 times faster than other systems. They are reported to operate within a short period of time, such as 200 us. Therefore, fuel systems are superior to other systems.

What is the Advantage of Piezo Injector?

The piezo injector has several advantages. It is possible to list them as follows:
- Works quieter.
- it has the capacity of spraying in a required number, and it can do spray timing.
- The injection amount can be set by a user.
- It can perform an average of 5 or 6 injection during the time of burning.
- It is quite advantageous in terms of saving fuel.
- Low exhaust emission.
- Injection can start and end quickly .
- There is seen around 7% increase in power of engine.
- Better working comfort.
- The injector structure is small, light , short and thin.

Parts and spare parts for piezo injectors;

We can say the following about the basic parts of the Piezo Injector: Small piston, plates, valve, pin, rod, spring, injector nozzle, electrical connection socket, injector needle, high pressure connection, injector spring, injector fuel return end, and piezo elements.

Piezo Injector Operation;

The crystal elements in the piezo are electrified. At the same time, lengthening is observed. This feature of the piezo elements is used to open the small valve in the injectors. The small valve opens and is used to relieve the pressure within the control pressure chamber at the injector. In this way, the injector needle will be raised and the fuel will be sprayed.

In general, this system works with the ECU with a voltage of 70 to 150 volts. However, the voltage may vary according to the system in the environment. For example, the Bosch 120 and the Siemens 150 volts are generally used.

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Unlike the rail pipe, the fuel gallery also receives the fuel index and ramp names.

Fuel filter
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Mechanical feed pump
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High Pressure Pump
The control val

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