How long is the durability of the diesel injector?

How long is the durability of the diesel injector? As it is known, the most important parts of the engine are actually injectors. For these parts quality fuels must be used. Otherwise, clogged injectors that caused by poor quality fuels would face its users with a heavy expenses.

To prevent injector malfunctions, the regular thing to do is to clean the injector.

If the vehicle is gasoline, it is necessary to clean the injector at 40.000 km and diesel if it is between 25.000 km and 30.000 km. Cleaning prices generally range from 80 to 120 TL. Before the fuel tank is completely exhausted, refilling your fuel tank will eliminate problems.

To prolong the life of diesel-powered vehicles, consider the following: The right fuel choice should be made; Fuels that meet high fuel standards cause less wear on vehicles. However, it will also greatly reduce the possibility of leakage in fuels.

Ideal efficient use: It is extremely important to use the vehicle at the right speed. Using it in this way will improve the performance of the vehicle. We would like to remind you that you should never drive your diesel engine at high speed.

Do not extend your maintenance period: Do not extend your maintenance intervals. If you want to increase traffic safety and drive more efficiently, do not interrupt your maintenance time.

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