Axor Unit Pump

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Axor Unit Pump The unit pump is an extremely important part for vehicles. It is a controlled system. It can also be used in vehicles with engine capacity up to 5 liters. In general, it first installed and used for mass production cars in 1988. If we need to mention the technical characteristics, each cylinder is independently assigned a pump. In this way the nozzle is compact and the pump is combined in one group. This group is mounted directly on the cylinder head. The system generally provides high pressures up to 2,200 bar.

Mercedes Axor Unit Pump

Axor unit pump provides some advantages in the field where it is used. We would like to tell you about the advantages of the unit pump:

-Provides high performance for powerful and clean engines.
- Provides low fuel consumption. Therefore, the power of the engine increases.
-The degree of efficiency is extremely high. This is achieved by a compact design.
- The noise level is also extremely low. It is mounted directly on the engine block. This is exactly why the noise is low.
- As we mentioned before, it provides high pressure up to 2,200 b

Bosch Axor Unit Pump

The Bosch axor unit pump is mainly used in commercial vehicles. What is referred to as a unit pump is actually a pump-injector unit. The unit in the cars is very closely related to injector systems. Bosch developed unit pump products in this field and was first introduced in 1995.

This system, shortly called UPS, is assigned to each cylinder as an independent pump. The injector nozzle and the injector are separated by a distance. The distance is provided by a short pipe.

There is a pump injector unit for each cylinder of the engine. It is ran by the camshaft. This system features an extra special shaped cam for pump injectors. The cams give motion to the rocker arm, and the rocker arm gives to the injector.

This system produces the required pressure.
-The fuel is spraying correctly at the right time.
- Starts spraying quickly, finishes quickly.

Provides great benefits to the vehicle in which it is used and directs the user to saving. These systems, which are extremely useful in fuel, have been used for a long time.

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